The Garden Light And the King

Old King Cole and his Queen Rapunzel took a daily walk from one end of their noble estate to the other.  One day, in the sweltering heat, the king noticed such an especially dangerous omen.



“I wonder what we can do,” Cole reminded Rapunzel.  “I’m so very concerned about that light in our garden. It never bodes anything but trouble.”



“Maybe it’s a warning about something  at the Ostrich Pub,” she wondered.  “Don’t you think we should have it condemned, my dearest?  They say the owners have a murderous past.  There’s even talk that their victims’ souls aren’t at rest, and that they, at times, roam the countryside in search of vengeance.”



Suddenly in the distance the pair saw an unimaginable sight.  There was a feeling of such tension and pressure in the suddenly bitter cold air. Unbearably heartbroken wails permeated the air.  From out of nowhere, the flame in the garden light was extinguished. 


Suddenly an icy cold hand tapped upon the King’s shoulder.  The kingdom would never again be the same.



Here’s the prompt from RORY A GUY CALLED BLOKE .

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