Fibbing Friday

What would Friday be without a chance to fib?


Today’s questions:

  1. What is in your left shoe?

  2. I have quite a very small marching band in there.

  3. What did the tooth fairy leave you on their last visit?

  She (Why does it say their?) left me the missing sock from every pair that’s ever been separated in the washing machine.

  1. What is your favorite soup?

  2. I like banana peel soup, but it’s out of season right now.

  3. What goes best with chocolate cake?

I can’t ever resist it with red wine and horseradish.

  1. What is the strangest thing you have found in your yard?

Jimmy Hoffa was playing badminton with Amelia Earhardt.

  1. What is the moon made out of?\

  2. It’s made out of cheap after shave and cologne.

  3. What is the real reason Pluto is not a planet?

Even in outer space, it’s always about politics.  No planet can share a name with a Disney character.

  1. Why do rabbits hop instead of walk?

  2. Rabbits don’t have much of a vocabulary, so gestures have to say it all.  Each hop means something in a  kind of mannerism..based speech and communication.

  3. Where was the last place you lost your car?

It was at a local farmer’s market. Some new salesmen accidentally used it as their produce stand.

  1. What was the last thing you borrowed?

  2. I borrowed a badminton racket from Jimmy Hoffa and Amelia Earhardt.

  3. What is the black pearl?

  4. It was the original title of ‘The Exorcist’ but practically no one’s afraid of pearls.

  5. Twilight wasn’t about vampires, what was it really about?

  6. It was how to make a really good cream cheese and jelly sandwich.

  7. Cats and dogs really don’t hate each other, what do they do when we’re not looking?

  8. They party like it’s 1999. 

  9. What do fish do all day in their tanks?

  10. They tell bad jokes in a kind of piscine stand.up (float.around) comedy.


It’s time for the Haunted Wordsmith’s Fibbing Friday .


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