Quite A Poor Choice of Dates

Bubbele and Querida Mia were so excited about their plans for their upcoming vacation.  Having never been to Europe before, they really wanted to celebrate like crazy.


Their very first thought was to throw a huge party, and to invite all their friends.  They agreed to see to it that it would be their neighborhood’s single biggest party within living memory.



They got decorations, a live band, clowns, animals, and all sorts of other frills.  Of course there would be an absolute ton of food.  They would surely see to that.


Since their best friends owned a butcher shop, there would be a bottomless pit of meat.  There were caseloads of beef, pork, chicken, and turkey.  “The people had better enjoy all that meat like crazy, though, honey,” Bubbele told Querida Mia, “Or we’ll be stuck with enough leftovers to feed our entire time zone five times over.”


Finally they arranged for a date.  They agreed upon the 19th of the month.  Eventually Bubbele got in touch with the people in charge of delivering all the necessary  food and supplies.  “Yes, sir,” the spokesman told him on the phone. “We’ll have it all for you at 6:00 a.m. on Friday the 19th.” 


“It’s what?!” Querida Mia blurted out in stunned frustration.  “Friday?! No one we’ve ever met eats meat on a Friday!”



Welcome to the Haunted Wordsmith’s Story Starter Challenge .  


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