Blogging From A To Z Challenge~Letter I

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The weather’s not nice enough, in this disgustingly late arrival of spring but ice cream has always been quite an absolute favorite of mine.  Mr. Softee Jingle Mr. Softee, when I was a kid in Jackson Heights, and then Lindenhurst, was the highlight of every local kid’s day.  Each afternoon, and then evening, the truck would arrive and we neighborhood youngsters got our pick of all flavors of ice cream and Italian ice.  While visiting relatives in northeastern Pennsylvania, in the old days, Grablick’s was the place to go for perfect ice cream.  Much more recently the ultimate in northeastern Pennsylvania ice cream is Jitty Joe’s.


Across the street from my current Knights of Columbus council there’s a Carvel. One day a few years ago, I got the idea to go there to get a sundae.  It was only around seven and a half dollars but it was too huge for words.  It took me such an obscenely long time to finish, and by the time I finally got it over with, I must have gotten at least around half of it melted onto my clothes and surroundings. 



Although I enjoy all flavors of ice cream, my favorites are chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallow, and anything in that general neighborhood.  Although it’s way beyond too sloppy for me~I dread having anything the least bit sticky anywhere near me~I shall always enjoy ice cream.

4 thoughts on “Blogging From A To Z Challenge~Letter I

  1. Mary Anne says:

    Thank you for a very refreshing post. My children would wait for “the ice cream man” to come along about 4PM every day jingling his bells. He had mostly popsicles and I vaguely recall that they cost a dime because I can still see handing out shiny dimes.

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