A Sad Life

‘Twas many a year ago, Sir, you see,

I met with my horrible dreaded fate,

A fate that could only transpire at sea.



True love, I now know, was not meant for me.

A lesson I learned, alas, far too late.

Alas our marriage was not meant to be.


I did love my lovely, gentle Marie

With a love that did her consecrate.

She returned not the same true love for me.


On a dark night in November, you see,

This horrid tale I now sadly narrate.

My fair damsel did, sadly, betray me.


My heart is now broken to a great degree,

I am so sadly now bound here to state.

Of true happiness I am forever free.


I wander throughout the dolorous sea.

For my broken heart it is far too late.

Our true love was not ever meant to be.

Here is my attempt at a villanelle, which strikes me as quite awkward, considering that I have no practice.  I’m really trying to get involved with dVerse Poets Pub  .  I used Dylan Thomas’  ‘Do Not Go Gentle Into That Dark Night’ as my model.  Please add yours to Mr. Linky


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