I Gave Blood At the Library

For the past few decades, at least since 1988, I’ve been giving blood.  The last time I gave blood was this past Tuesday, April 2.   I walked over to the Long Beach Public Library on Park Avenue.  The room on the second floor, where everyone was giving blood, was absolutely packed. 


Nothing gets me so crazy as the frustration that comes from being kept waiting, so naturally I was driven plum bananas by how slowly the line was moving.  Someone said that things could go faster for a donor if he makes an appointment when he gives blood.  Some super genius, having heard that, left for a while, made an appointment, and then showed up again.  People all freaked out when they found out about it.



I’m used to giving a double red cell donation because my blood type is O positive but this time I only gave a normal donation.  They even had an apheresis machine.  I gave an apheresis donation once in the 1990’s.  It takes so long I dread ever doing it again.  





Throughout the past three decades I’ve given blood at several locations both on Long Island and in northeastern Pennsylvania.  All I have to do each time is to keep hydrated, and to consume a lot of iron, so I can avoid waking up with such a very bad headache the next day.

Although giving blood so frequently can be quite annoying, it’s also so very interesting.  I get to meet some colorful characters and often end up going away with some seriously weird stories to tell.


Here’s me latest post for Six Word Saturday .



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