Blogging From A To Z Challenge~Letter E

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At first I was a bit confused about which word I should pick for today’s post.  Then it at last occurred to me that I could write a tribute to a most important priority.  The lost art of elegance should, to some degree, be revived in our culture.  People these days too often see prim, proper behavior as somehow standoffish, and of course, proof of the dreaded and resented (but only in someone else, never in oneself) hypocrisy.



I say the world would be a much nicer and more interesting place if only we could bring about a legitimate understanding and recognition of the need for elegance.



A most important part of life is knowing how to contextualize.  Informality is nice in its appropriate place, but it becomes dull, and even evil, if it’s all there is, if it’s never set off by a bit of formality under exactly the right circumstances.



“Elegance’ (Hello, Dolly! Soundtrack ) 1969




Hi, here we are on the E’s already.   Blogging From A To Z Challenge 


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