Blogging From A To Z Challenge~Letter C

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‘C’ is for Coffee.  It’s always been an absolute top contender for my very favorite drink of all time.  When I was still only very young, in my late teens, I first started drinking it. Back then I often experienced very bad reactions to the demon brew~mostly violent migraines and a sick stomach. 



For some strange reason, however, I was never for one second even the least bit willing to give up on it.  Somehow, over the course of quite a while, I eventually learned to deal with the problems that ensued from my pet vice. Eventually the headaches subsided, and I no longer have the other problems either.  



I’ve always been quite notorious for my habit of drinking at least three cups daily.   In my neighborhood, there are two especially nice coffee shop.  One is the Coffee Nut Cafe’, where I go daily because it’s the closer of them.  The other, Gentle Brew, is only slightly farther away.  I occasionally go there on weekends because each weekend they have breakfast available for a few hours.



Each of those two places has coffee available from a wide variety of countries, from Columbia and Brazil, Costa Rica and Guatemala, to Italy, and a few African countries



Many people think a real coffee drinker should be obligated to drink his coffee only black, with no milk and no flavors. I can’t have it black though, because it makes me violently ill.  Besides that, I truly enjoy experimenting with quite a wide variety of different flavors.



It’s always struck me as quite a fine habit to have.  Besides that, it also gives me a reputation among people I associate with.  By now everyone sees me as the veritable personification of excessive consumption of coffee.  Everyone has his vice.   Drinking too much coffee is only a fairly minor one.



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