Life In the Donald’s Era

I’ve always understood liberalism and modernism to be quite an Ugly combination, mankind’s ultimate form of Tyranny.  One of the left’s most Despicable tactics is reverse discrimination (a.k.a. affirmative action).   

In order to turn groups of people against each other, they deliberately Try to pretend racism, anti~Semitism, etc., are significantly worse than they really are. By their standards, legitimate Proof is unnecessary. Mere accusation equals Guilt.  Everyone remembers what happened to Justice Kavanaugh. 




It plum nauseates me when I see what kinds of things are considered worthy of Public outcry in our time.  Starbuck’s, whose position on family life and sexual mores is radically to the left, is given a free pass.  Chic~Fil~A, however, whose views about family life and sexuality are traditional and square, is constantly ridiculed.



Another thing that gets me crazy about the left is their insatiable need to control language and symbolism in general. They have the unmitigated gall to demand that we Refer to members of their pet special interest/demographic groups by the pronouns, and terms in general, of their choosing.  The First Amendment, legitimately understood, is a burden to them.  So, of course, is the Second Amendment.




As horribly flawed as Trump most certainly is, he represents symbolically the fact that what the leftists say must not go, and that we must not dance to the tune they Sing.  We squares have compromised long enough. I’d be quite a Liar if I said Trump was as good as his hard~core fans claim he is, but we simply can’t go on allowing the trouble makers to have their way.



I know that whoever came up with this Sunday’s words:  public,trump,compromised,liar,try,guilt,refer,proof,despicable,sing,tyranny, and ugly , must really have understood that he was opening quite a can of political and cultural worms.   Liberals will go through their roofs over my entry, but hey, conservatives will agree completely.

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