Wordle #127 Order


Mankind is a species whose very existence relies upon order.   Each of us can be counted on, even spontaneously, to Follow certain demands, either spontaneously or deliberately, which guarantee some kind of order in his life.  In the oriental world it may be called Ikigai (生き甲斐). 



Whether it’s specifically a religious Devotion, or just the Cultivation of some sense of regularity out of a Skimble~Skamble universe, no one really wants to Incite chaos.



Each thing, even if it’s something as simple as Laughter or the Roundness of the Earth, has to be predictable and orderly.   The seasons, including Spring, which we are currently in, are also governed according to this rule.

Each individual should also make an attempt at Mastery of his physical health in order to ensure Longevity.   Any Encumbrance to legitimate obedience to certain rules can lead to nasty consequences.

  Welcome to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Wordle #127.  This week’s words are :  Devotion, Skimble~Skamble, Laughter, Roundness, Longevity, Mastery, Spring, Ikigai, Encumbrance, Cultivation, Incite, and Follow .

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