Large Kosher Food

Sometimes I go to the Lido Kosher Deli on Park Avenue in Long Beach.  For some reason I’ve never gotten into the habit of eating even the least bit often at any of the local restaurants, delis, and  take~out places but I enjoy them when I occasionally go. 



Our local kosher deli, on Park Avenue, is in the same neighborhood as an Italian restaurant and pizzeria, a Chinese restaurant, and a liquor store.



The food at the deli is always quite good there.   The last time I went there I got a pastrami sandwich.  The only disadvantage is that it was too big for me to eat it easily.  Their portions are always so huge.  That was a real problem one day, a few years ago when I presumed to get a hamburger.   It was way beyond too sloppy, sticky, and clumsy for me.   I’ve never been able to stand to have anything even the least bit sticky anywhere near me so I’ve been wary of their hamburgers ever since then.  The taste is exceptional but I desperately need a knife and fork for them.



Like all delis, they have potato salad, cole slaw, and many other side dishes and appetizers.  We most certainly can’t forget their Pickles either.   Their pickles are quite seriously humongous.  As with all the other food there, these deli staples are doled out in serving sizes seemingly intended for the inhabitants of Brobdingnag in Jonathan Swift’s ‘Gulliver’s Travels’.   



I highly recommend this deli for anyone who lives near hear but only if he has quite an exceptionally hearty appetite.   To finish a full meal there is most certainly quite a significant accomplishment.



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