Partially Paisley, Such A Fab Era

I couldn’t resist when I found this prompt that includes the word ‘paisley’.   My post is most certainly not about the notoriously anti~Catholic (and hence supremely ignorant) Ian Paisley.  Nor is it about the colorful pattern.  My post is about my absolutely lifelong insatiable obsession with the 1960’s, during which that pattern was having its heyday.  


Because I was born in 1959, my very first decade of life was virtually coeval with the ’60’s.   The Beatles have always been my favorites, for as far back as I can remember, though my cousin Gary, who grew up in Ozone Park, takes the credit/blame for having allowed it to get completely out of control in my early teens.

As a teenager I spent long hours reading about the lives and times of John, Paul, George, and Ringo.  Naturally that required me to find out a lot about their decade.  I soon decided that it was the grooviest time in mankind’s history.

That’s quite a drastically inaccurate statement in many ways though.  Over the years, especially as an adult, I’ve been ever the exceptionally staunch ultra~hyper~conservative, so there are very many things about the ’60’s that strike me as utterly atrocious.  



The music of that era was, quite amazing.  Movies and T.V. shows were also exceptionally good.  I’ve noticed that for a ’60’s movie or T.V. show from those days to be interesting for me it doesn’t have to be set in the ’60’s.  ‘True Grit’ was set in 1873. ‘Patton’ was World War II.  Shows and movies like ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and ‘The Time Tunnel’ dealt with drastically different time frames.  



Understandably a lot of people have expressed amazement at how such a square (conservative) as I could possibly be so plum favorably smitten with so much about the ’60’s.  I agree that we should be quite ashamed of many things that happened then, but much of that era was pretty boss too.



Here is my first ever post for March Writing Prompt Puttingmyfeetinthedirt.





Recently, at the church I attend, the priest claimed that today’s fifteen year old couldn’t possibly be expected to relate to, or to care about a reference to a pop cultural figure who was famous ten years ago.  That was not true of me when I was that age.  I was quite interested in people like that.













6 thoughts on “Partially Paisley, Such A Fab Era

  1. Paula Light says:

    There are a lot of fun songs from the 1960s. I myself was born in 1961, so I’m partial to the decade too. It was nice when a family could choose to have a parent stay home, even in a city, without undue financial hardship.

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  2. Mikayla Hart says:

    I was born in the 1990’s and I’m an 80’s music fan. I also love the Beatles more early stuff, even though my parents mostly liked their later stuff. I think enjoying music depends on the ear the person is born with.

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