The Friends

Ralph and Sam were taking their traditional Saturday evening walk through our neighborhood. 

E Having followed the same route by rote, over the course of four decades, they already knew it perfectly, and never for one second thought it should ever be the least bit different.  Each week they did a bit of grocery shopping for their wives and families, and said hello to neighbors and acquaintances as they passed by.  Each weekend, as they passed St. Gabriel’s, our parish, they said hello to the Sisters of Charity on the grounds.  Every other weekend, they stopped in to pray the Rosary before they went to Confession with Father O’Connor.   Eventually both of the old fellows died, as we all do.  



Youngsters in the new generation don’t remember them except by way of neighborhood folklore, but we old~timers remember still the fine example these kindly old gentlemen set just by passing by each weekend.



Here is my entry for Helene’s What~Do~You~See? 

photo challenge..


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        White background is good, and you can still insert pictures within the post but not as a background. That would be best for reading your beautiful posts.

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