Teaser Tuesday~26th March 2019

Today I’ve decided to take a chance on The Purple Blogger’s  Teaser Tuesday.  You can very easily find all the instructions at the link I’ve provided. Currently I’m reading Douglas R. Hofstadter’s ‘Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid.’



The following is my choice of the day~:


“Well, this is the kind of ‘heads~in~the~sand’ argument which you have to be willing to be willing to stomach if you are bent on seeing men and women running ahead of computers in these intellectual battles.”


It is still of great interest to ponder whether we humans can ever jump out of ourselves~or whether computer programs can jump out of themselves.”



This book has been a bit hard for me to handle (My cousin Mark’s girlfriend Sarah recommended it) , considering that I’ve always been so bad at math and the hard sciences, and I’ve never enjoyed them either.  At least Moritz Escher has his moments though.  Besides that, I’ve always quite enjoyed music, and have been trying lately to listen to Bach much more often.




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