A Throwback

For as long as anyone can remember, I’ve been listening to the music of the 1960’s.  The Beatles have been my favorites all throughout my Life,  ever since I was little.  They have quite a wide Mix of songs to their credit, from the foursome’s ‘Sgt. Pepper’ in 1967 to George Harrison’s ‘Here Comes the Moon’ in 1979. 



Unfortunately I’ve never been able to Sing, but I’ve been resigned to that for quite a while by now.  I can have quite a sufficiently Swell time listening to all kinds of music.  Every once in a while I even Pull something by Sting out of my collection.



I know that music isn’t all that powerful in the way many people think it is, as if it’s a kind of a variation of Alchemy.  It should most certainly never be used to invoke some kind of a Spirit in any to~be~taken~seriously kind of way.  Metaphorically, though, it may be nice for something like that.



New and recent music has left me with quite an unwelcome Cloudy Chill.  That’s one of the many reasons I listen to the old songs.




This weekend’s Sunday Whirl, Wordle #396, asks us to use the words~: mix, life, sing, sting, moon, pull, spirit, chill, swell, pepper, cloudy, alchemy.



2 thoughts on “A Throwback

  1. Mr. Walker says:

    I relate to this strongly. I’ve only come to love the music of the Beatles more and more as I get older. Funnily enough, I also mentioned Sting. At the moment, I’m listening to jazz from 1962.

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