Nobody’s Perfect

There are all sorts of things I’m not Impervious to:


Although spring has sprung, as of two days ago, the cold weather and precipitation get me crazy.



All throughout my adult lifetime, I’ve gotten headaches, and anxiety and panic attacks, though they’re not as nasty as they once were.



Those are my most notorious problems.  As long as I can avoid them all, I can have quite an exceptionally fine time of things.  The only catch is, though, that the health troubles occasionally sneak up on me, and weather trouble, alas, is  more frequent than I would like. 



Here’s my contribution to Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt

10 thoughts on “Nobody’s Perfect

  1. Dale says:

    Go away cold and snow. We are done with you (I’m with you on that one)
    My sister suffers horrid migraines brought on, amongst other things, by the weather.
    Hope they disappear for good.

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