Giorno: marzo 14, 2019

#ShoutYourAbortion and the Devaluing of Children

Morning Meditations

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I’m going to get into a lot of trouble, at least in certain circles, for writing this, but it’s been bothering me for a while now and, as my long-time readers know, I process my thoughts and feelings by writing.

Believe it or not, back in the day, I used to be an agnostic/atheist and a Democrat. It seemed to be the default setting for most of the people I hung out with after High School (a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away). I didn’t think much about my politics or social opinions for a long time, and certainly didn’t do anything to challenge them.

Then I got married, and several years later, my wife became pregnant. Yes, we were at a stage in our lives when we wanted to start a family, so it was quite intentional. Like I imagine most…

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Facebook Freaks Out

Facebook appeared to have pulled a Prank on us yesterday and this morning.  Early yesterday, when I tried to post a few things, or at least to make comments on some Other people’s posts, it was virtually impossible for me to get anything done.



Knowing that Facebook’s rabidly liberal honchos think they have a right to censor anyone who presumes to contradict their obsessions, I Instinctively assumed I was a  target of something like that.



After only a very short time, I got over the slight disappointment of not having my page available, and took advantage of it as an excuse  to give some different sites a chance.



Facebook most certainly isn’t an unavoidably mandatory part of my daily Plan.  Although I’m currently on other sites, including Canadian Underground, Me We, and Blogster, I fully intend to Stick to it, but it’s still not that fabulous.  Among its drawbacks is the fact that people can so easily engage in tactics that Rub each other the wrong way.



In a way, I’m quite surprised that those characters at Facebook have yet to Bar me from their hallowed world.  



I honestly think each of us should spend less time on Facebook.  There’s more to life than endless Chain messages, bad jokes, how to include Capers in a recipe, and political diatribes.  



Each of us should go, as fast as his metaphorical Legs can carry him, toward a healthy, productive Passage from slavery to our era’s biggest social media craze to a more well organized life. Each individual should do it at his own Pace too.



This week’s Wordle asks us to use the words~:   Caper, Legs, Chain, Passage, Pace, Stick, Other, Rub, Prank, Instinct, Plan, Bar.