Giorno: marzo 11, 2019

Passport Progress

Because I recently got a passport application, today I went to the nearest Walgreen’s on Long Beach Boulevard, to get the necessary photograph.  The woman asked for my name and telephone number.  



Once I’ve gotten a few more necessary details taken care of, I shall be ready to fly.  Up until now, I’ve never traveled any farther than to Florida, Michigan, and Illinois.  The only other country I’ve been to is Canada, and now even they require a passport.



Over the past few years, I’ve been working at the local soup kitchen, giving coffee, cold drinks, and Sandwiches to poor people.  While I’m there, I often listen to people’s tales of their trips to various foreign countries.  Soon I shall also be able to spend countless hours soaring through the Clouds to various tourist traps.  Although I have every reason to believe I’ll never exactly qualify as a living Legend among globetrotters, at least I shall be able, starting, soon, to make a bit of a contribution to those kinds of conversations.



Here’s yet more about my attempt to get a passport.  Please join us all daily.  Today’s words are sandwich, cloud, legend .


A Mystery


Stanley, though he grew up watching the usual shows enjoyed by people his age, ranging from “Dark Shadows” to “The Twilight Zone”,  was quite sure that he knew better than to believe any of them was anything but a mere metaphor.



One day, though, his wife, Yolanda, got very ill.  All throughout her last months he cared for her, as they both sadly awaited the inevitable outcome.



Finally, Yolanda’s last night arrived.   She died quietly, at 8:04 p.m.,  as Stanley kept patient vigil with her.  No one else was in their room at the time.



The next morning, at breakfast, Yolanda’s brother Harold asked, “Stanley, who was that woman who came out of your room last night at around 8:15?”




Here’s my attempt at Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge.