Giorno: marzo 8, 2019

Time To Start Traveling?

This afternoon I finally got up the spunk to get a passport application from the Long Beach Post Office.  On Tuesday night, Frank, a regular at the St. Mary of the Isle men’s bible study meetings, asked me if I intended to go on an upcoming trip to Ireland. I  explained to him that I don’t have a passport.  Today I made the big move to get the application.  Once I’ve filled it out, I shall have to Report to the post office with all the requisite paperwork, have a few pictures taken, and I shall be set.  I may or may not end up going specifically to Ireland, but at least I shall be ready for whatever comes up.



That was the highlight of my week.  Lately things have been happening in quite an ordinary, predictable manner for me.  Life for me typically involves listening to 1960’s music by bands like the Zombies, and watching old T.V. shows like ‘Nanny and the Professor’.   I really should start widening my horizons quite a bit.



I’ve decided to try the Three Things Challenge.   Here is the link for it, using the words report, nanny, zombies.






  1. What did you find in the unopened can of mixed nuts?

    Basketballs and penguins

  2. What is your favorite thing to drink?

    Huckleberry~flavored turpentine

  3. What flavor of pudding is your favorite?


  4. They just cancelled your favorite TV show – what do you do?

    Learn to crochet

  5. What is the answer to 3 Down?

    Rudolf Valentino

  6. What is your favorite way to spend a winter day?

    Stuck in traffic on I~81

  7. What goes best with plaid?

    Cranberry juice

  8. What do Scots wear under their kilts?

    Gum drops and marshmallows

  9. How did the platypus get its name?

    From an old poem by Petrarch

  10. What is over the next hill?

    Swiss cheese

  11. What (or who) is going to be in your will?

    My imaginary friends

  12. What do you like to snack on when watching sports?

    The color blue

  13. You find a treasure map – what is the treasure?

    Last night’s leftovers

  14. They are making a movie of your life – what is the biggest whopper they invent?

    I was once King of Prussia

  15. What did you find in the bag of chips/crisps?

    The Lindbergh baby

  16. Bollocks doesn’t mean what Americans think it does…what does it really mean?

    Kosher food with a ribbon on it

  17. What is shephard’s pie really made out of?


  18. Cinderella didn’t lose her glass slipper – what did she lose?

    A chess game

  19. The moon is not made out of cheese or rock – it’s made out of what?

    Banana peels

  20. What did you give the last person who asked you for a tip?

    The flu

Welcome to my very first attempt at Teresa’s Fibbing Friday.  I hope it all works out so well.