Before And After..In Person And Online

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Unfortunately it’s been quite a long time since I was regularly in a Classroom.  Over the course of my adult lifetime, though, I’ve been in touch with a significant number of my former teachers and classmates, especially now that the internet makes it so easy to find them.  In a way the online world is kind of like a Kit, with which someone can put together a parallel universe of his choosing.



One of the best things about associating with people online is that there’s no Pressure to follow a specific code of conduct, unlike when we were still together physically.   Even if someone gets Angry, and reacts to a classmate’s, or teacher’s,  behavior in a Harsh manner, wanting to Sneer at him, the Facebook world makes it possible to keep the nasty excesses hidden.  This, of course, is also one of its bigger drawbacks, exactly because it allows people to Withdraw from legitimate relationships.



When I was a freshman at S.U.N.Y. Farmingdale, my literature professor, George W. McLain, daily started each class by asking, “What Transpired when last we were in class?”  Social networks make it possible to answer that question in only a distorted manner.  It involves, inevitably, a Disruption of the natural order of social intercourse.



Although I thoroughly enjoy the availability of  social networks, they tend to allow each of us to Withdraw from a legitimate understanding of things, and for this, they are worthy of Reproach.  On the bright side, however, there’s no need to be Lugubrious about it.  Each individual is quite free to exercise a bit of prudence, and to avoid any unnecessary trouble.



It’s Monday so I wanted to try to write something for Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie.  Each week, we’re asked to take a full dozen words~though this week there are only eleven, because ‘Sneer’ is listed twice~and to use them in a post.



4 thoughts on “Before And After..In Person And Online

  1. Jules says:

    Ah… I am still a bit in the dark as to social media (save for blogging) – Probably one of the last folks on Earth to not have a Face-type-page. Too many moves while in school did not bode well for long lasting relationships. And I have no desire to find out where the few I finally ended up loosing turned out.

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