Motley Neighborhood


 The calendar in Shad’s and Gronk’s cave read 986, 000 B.C.   Every night they noticed that their neighbors were playing with something odd.


“I don’t know, Gronk,” Shad told her husband.  “We got one bunch of nuts on our right, think God created the world in only six days.  These other fruitcakes to the left are suckers for any newfangled scientific discovery they can spoil their kids with.”


Unfortunately,” Gronk said, “my friend Noah keeps insisting it’s supposed to rain. How bad can it be though?  What are the chances of our having yet another Epic Of Gilgamesh around here?”



Welcome back to Rochelle’s  weekly Friday Fictioneers.   This week, Anshu Bhojnagarwala has graciously supplied the much~needed photo prompt.




19 thoughts on “Motley Neighborhood

      1. larry trasciatti says:

        I know. I’ve been taking some courses at the church I attend, where the teachers are constantly reminding us that ancient literature is plum full of anachronisms, with authors from later eras , writing about earlier times, always include details which no one back then could have known about. I was trying something like that, though it may not have worked very well.

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    1. larry trasciatti says:

      You’ve studied the Bible so you know that ancient literature is known for having a flair for anachronisms. Both the Old and New Testaments were written by people who lived way after the events they recorded. I was thinking about it from that point of view.

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