Keep In Touch


 “I went to Burt’s wake Friday night ,”  Toby told Debbie. 



“Burt?” his friend asked.



“You remember,” he explained.  “He was my eighth grade history teacher at O.L.P.H.  He was such a good person and likable fellow I could even forgive his having been a liberal and liked ‘Star Trek’.



“The day of his funeral,” he continued, “was the birthday of my tenth grade theology teacher, Jerry.  Life is always full of those weird coincidences.”



“It’s nice to keep in touch with friends for that long,” she reminded him. “But you always have to take the good with the bad.”



It’s time for another Wednesday of Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers.  The preceding story was inspired by the recent death of my eighth grade history teacher.   Ted Strutz  has graciously supplied this week’s photograph.



    1. All throughout my entire lifetime, I’ve been plum obsesso about the ’60’s, with the exception of ‘Star Trek’. I’ve never found it interesting. I agree with you completely ,of course, about the many weird coinkidinks. They happen too often even to try to keep track

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    1. They were both really good. It’s based on a true story. My 8th grade teacher recently died. I was always on really friendly terms with him, as a kid and adult, including on Facebook. My tenth grade teacher is still on my Facebook friend list too, and we get along really well

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      1. i was in college and then busy being a new wife and mom during its peak years, so I never really got to see much of it. Never understood the extreme fan-club thing, but it’s still in re-runs and still very popular.

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