Where All the Hep Cats Get to Go



“The Wyoming Free Library and Wyoming United Methodist Church often collaborate on book  sales,” Muriel told Gloria. “Everybody in Wyoming and West Wyoming votes at the library on Election Day too.”



“I’m happy with it too,” Gloria said.  “Every afternoon when I come here I get to meet all kinds of characters, from frazzled parents and children to Mormon missionaries.”



“Yeah,” the former opined.  Them city slickers think they’re in the center of all the action and adventure, but hey, we’re where it’s really at.”



“Besides that,” Gloria gushed, “We’re four miles from Pittston, the tomato capital of the world.”



Welcome back yet again to Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers.  Read her blog for all the interesting details.  Thank  Sandra Crook

for the swell photo prompt.




































  1. That is a nice distinction for a city to have – and near my home is a county called Hanover and they are so proud of their tomatoes they have a festival each year – when we first moved here we went to it (it was fun and the kids decorated real tomatoes in a contest)
    Anyhow -in 2003 – I guess tbey had a bad crop across the county so they had some tomatoes shipped in! And get this / they gave s free small case to anyone who wanted them – they said they could not charge because they were brought in- something like that – and we took an extra case for neighbors and made new friends over tomatoes that year
    -so your entry for FF brought back that memory for me

    Piace a 1 persona

    1. Missouri has such a square reputation from a distance so that’s surprising. I wouldn’t want to trade tomatoes for drugs. The worst thing about the tomato is that people are often surprised to find out that it’s a fruit , not a vegetable.

      Mi piace


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