Northeastern Pennsylvania In History


It’s the Fourth of July in northeastern Pennsylvania.  Naturally I’m partying with kin in Hilldale.  A gang of cousins and I go to nearby Wilkes~Barre to see the historical exhibitions in the Square.



“Northeastern Pa.’s loaded with military history,”  Joe and Ron, our Viet Nam veteran cousins, remind us.  “Remember,” Ron said. “We have to leave soon to see Queen Esther’s Bloody Rock in Wyoming Borough.”



At the end of our day, we get to go to Jitty Joe’s, in Scranton, for ice cream.  That’s all so mundane, even with all the toppings, compared to what we see here. 



Yet again welcome back to Rochelle’s  Friday Fictioneers.  J. Hardy Carroll provides this week’s photograph.  For the information of those of you with an interest in northeastern PA/Wyoming Valley history, here’s a good link:    Queen Esther’s Bloody Rock

23 thoughts on “Northeastern Pennsylvania In History

      1. prior.. says:

        oh very cool – I am from Buffalo New York and early 2017 I wrote a few fiction pieces with that area and it was fun how I like those posts even more now – that little history connection felt good – and is that what you feel?
        either way – sounds like a cool place

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      2. prior.. says:

        wow – north tonawanda is such a small town – we had some friends that lived there – and my family is originally from Lancaster – well actually mom’s side from Virginia and dad’s side from Poland….
        do you live in PA now

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