The New Kid In Town

russell-workingCousins Sadie and Elmer were watching Old Man Smoot do his chores.

“Over yonder’s the Stranger,” Elmer explained.”

“How’d he git the name, ‘Stranger’, she wondered.  “Hasn’t he lived here for sixty four years?”

“Shonuf, Punkin’,” he reminded his cousin, “But he’s sixty eight. Here’bouts folks don’t rightly cotton to outsiders.”

” ‘Course,” he continued, “We humor him an’ all, but we have our traditions to uphold. Bent Fork’s an old established culture. Can’t just anybody fit in.”

They casually continued feeding the pigs and chickens.

“‘Sides that,” he claimed, “He’s a city feller.  His Ma and Pa come from Virginia.”

Rochelle  yet again leads us in Friday Fictioneers.  This week’s photo prompt has been provided by Connie Gayer.




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