The Apple Of His Eye

“But it’s an APPLE!!” Wiggums reminded his friend Krausmeyer.tltweek110

“We simply can’t possibly expect people to take us the least bit seriously if we ask them to send their youngsters to a school That’s such a dead ringer for a fruit!”


“Show some imagination for once in your life, Old Bean,” his frustrated sidekick pointed out. “All throughout mankind’s existence, the Apple has made a difference~from Adam and Eve to William Tell, From Johnny Appleseed to the Beatles!”


“Besides everything else,” Krausmeyer continued ebulliently, “just wait until you get a load of the most important thing.” After a long stunned pause, he continued:
The seven mail boxes represent the fact that an apple a day keeps the doctor away!”


This is my very first attempt at Three Line Tales. Please go to the link to find out what it’s all about. This week’s photo credit goes to Jerry Kiesewetter via Unsplash.

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