The Throwback


“I’m hungry,” Larabie complained to Miz Kitti.

“Let’s go in there and have some hot dogs or something,” his friend suggested.

“Are you kidding?!,” he couldn’t help groaning. “With boxing on the first floor and Madame Natasha the Fortune Teller upstairs?!” 

You’ve been watching way too many old B movies lately,” she reminded him. “I’m sure those characters are quite harmless in real life.”

O.K.,” he finally conceded. “Of course, if you catch me constantly wearing a trench coat and fedora, and referring to you as a ‘dame’ or ‘broad’, don’t say you weren’t warned.

“Very funny, Mac,” she admitted.

Come join us weekly as Rochelle Wisoff~Field leads us through Friday Fictioneers . Read the link for an explanation. This week’s photo prompt has been provided by J. Hardy Carroll .



38 thoughts on “The Throwback

  1. Rowena says:

    Larry, with all the flash cooking shows you see these days, good to hear this dive receive a bit of free publicity. By the sound of it, it could use an “Eat here at your own risk” sign out the front.
    I was down at our local beach yesterday checking out a beached yacht and was chatting with another local. He filled me in on a local takeaway where he popped in to get breakfast and was served a pie out of the freezer and an instant coffee. We were both ashamed. Fortunately, the place has closed down!
    Best wishes,


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