Well it’s one, two, three what are we fightin’ for?

“Have you read the Washington Post’s article on the fiftieth anniversary of the Tet Offensive?” Stanley asked Yolanda.

His friend asked for a head start, not having read it yet.

“On this day in 1968,” he explained, “The Viet Cong launched a series of  attacks on South Vietnam, that lasted until September 23rd.”

“It was one of the war’s largest military campaigns.”

“Yeah,” she admitted. “William Calley’s My Lai Massacre was on March 16th that year too.”

“That’s why I always  give to organizations like the American Legion,” he reminded her. “Hey, you never know where these guys have been.”

stumpsWelcome to Friday Fictioneers, where Rochelle Wisoff~Fields leads us in our weekly attempt to write a story based upon a photo prompt. Rochelle supplied this week’s photo prompt.


28 thoughts on “Well it’s one, two, three what are we fightin’ for?

  1. rochellewisoff says:

    Dear Larry,

    Not only did you give me an ear worm with your title you also gave me a smile with your story. My husband is a Vietnam era vet. He can remember being spat on by a protester back in the day. we can’t thank these service people enough. Too little too late perhaps.



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  2. Dale says:

    Well done, Sir!
    Just because you were against the war, doesn’t mean you should disrespect those who went and fought it – and lived it and saw what a horror it was…

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  3. pennygadd51 says:

    The sad fact is that where men and women are prepared to serve in the military, you will have wars. The Vietnam war achieved nothing. Muhammad Ali’s example shows that it was possible to understand what was happening and refuse to serve.
    I do not wish to disrespect anyone; but neither do I respect them on the basis of their military service. I respect them because they’re human beings.

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