the regulars

Mavis walked into their favorite diner, looking like someone from the days when women were dames,dolls, and broads.

Her gams went way down to the floor.

Casper was dashing as could be in his fedora and trench coat.

It was their monthly ritual.

“Mommy, who are those funny people? Why are they in black and white?” little Tommy asked.

“Ssh, dear,” Mrs. Fleener warned.

“They come here often. It’s a nice game-I think.”

Just as mysteriously as they arrived, they ate, paid their bill, and left.

“I know this is an old fashioned place but…,” another patron mused.

Rochelle Wisoff~Fields is our weekly leader in Friday Fictioneers. This week’s photo prompt was contributed by Roger Bultot.

14 thoughts on “the regulars

  1. wmqcolby says:

    Hey, that’s pretty neat! Nice touch of nostalgia. I almost thought they were there for the Lindy Hop Contest (which might have been a good idea, too). There’s old fashioned, then there’s old fashioned.

    Merry Christmas, Larry! Thanks for the neat story.

    Five out of five zoot suits.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. larry trasciatti says:

      Thanks WiliamQ I couldn’t help thinking of the past from the looks of that place. My stories are so often set in the past, one way or another, anyway. Knowing me there will be Lindy Hop contests in the occasional story or two. I recently read a book about blacks, that said that zoot suits and the Lindy Hop were quite big among them in those days. Merry Christmas

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ahtdoucette says:

    That sounds like a really fun tradition to get dressed up! It must make it even more fun for them to think what other people might be thinking watching them. Kind of like Cosplay but in a diner with diner-appropriate wear. Or maybe time travelers? 😉 Too fun. Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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