four dead in Ohio

It was slightly more than a week after Allison Beth Krause’s nineteenth birthday. Early on the morning of May 4, 1970 she awoke, noticed in her homework assignment that it was the eighty fourth anniversary of the Chicago Hay Market Massacre, and prepared for the anti-war protest on Kent State’s campus.

“‘Bye,Mom, ‘Bye, Dad,” and she left for school.

She and her boyfriend Barry Levine were aggressively protesting the war. Barry went into shock as Allison was one of four who were killed by Ohio’s National Guard’s sixty five rounds of ammunition.

“That’s Governor Rhodes’ way of dealing with things?!” he stammered.

This week’s photo prompt comes courtesy of Roger Bultot. Rochelle Wisoff~Fields is our weekly fairy blogmother.

12 thoughts on “four dead in Ohio

  1. jellico84 says:

    We buried 8 family members and friends in Ohio this week. Sorry, this just hits too too close to the ole heart today.


  2. Dale says:

    How you came up with that based on the picture is anyone’s guess! However, I love how you take whatever images and bring a dose of history…


  3. patriciaruthsusan says:

    Sadly, Larry, those shot were not the only victims of that terrible shooting by scared young men. The men behind the guns were victims, the families of those shot and those killed were victims, and even those who graduated from Kent State shortly after that who couldn’t get jobs because prospective employers didn’t want to take a chance on anyone who was there at the time were victims. The tragedy had a ripple effect. It even affected our family ten years later when the university was going to put a building on the spot where the shootings took place. Law enforcement sent men around to question us because it seems someone involved with the demonstrations had been renting our apartment at the time. They were trying to head off more trouble. —- Suzanne


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