Sadie and Tio

“Why do you have all the barbed wire?” Clarence asked Wendell.

“Isn’t that the guy from the Grateful Dead?” his friend quipped. He then went on to explain.

“Sadie is a terrified neurotic and Tio is hyperactive like crazy. We have to keep them locked up or the neighbors will flog us but good.”

“Ophelia and I are doing all we can to keep a barrier between them and western civilization.”

“I don’t envy you,” his friend chided him. “That’s why Beulah and I want no part of pets. We’re happy with our painting of dogs playing poker.”

Our Fairy blogmother each week is Rochelle Wisoff~Fields , at Friday Fictioneers. This week’s photo prompt was supplied by Madison Woods.

13 thoughts on “Sadie and Tio

  1. IfeomaO says:

    Dogs playing poker! I repeat, Dogs playing poker! That single detail made the whole piece come together for me- love that painting..not a fan of pets either. good job.


  2. Mike says:

    What am I missing, a dreamy paradise for dogs, Sadie with the Dicken medal? No, not with poker and barbed wire, or with deadheads and hippies.


  3. patriciaruthsusan says:

    The reference to the Grateful Dead including barbed wire went right over my head, Larry. It was still a good story. I do know the painting of the dogs playing poker. We don’t have pets now, but I always preferred cats to dogs. We had a lovebird who was cute.and quite a character. He and my husband were buddies. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne


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