distinctive tastes

“What’s that?” Roger couldn’t help wondering.

“Oh,” Felix explained. “That’s Blanche’s latest obsession. She’s come under the spell of avant-garde art this month.”

“She insists upon dragging me to all the latest experimental movies, concerts, and poetry readings.

“Just remember,” his friend intoned. “There are worse things in life than being surrounded by hoards of espresso-sucking existentialists in black,

“I know,” Felix explained, “It’s just that I feel so uncomfortable with all those characters.” I wish she’d find friends who are easier to understand.

“Console yourself,” Roger replied,”With the fact that they don’t get you either.”

“That helps,” admitted Felix.

Our fairy blogmother for Friday Fictioneers is Rochelle Wisoff~Fields. This week’s photo prompt has been supplied by Kent Bonham.



  1. Felix might want to take Blanche to a wild west show or something. Seems like there is something missing in their relationship, maybe some compromise?
    Of course, you piece is too short to tell for sure, it leaves plenty of room for expansion in many directions.


  2. Well done Roger, I think. At least Blanche is getting Felix out and about, for myself I always found avant-garde art challenging. Ah memories.


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