cousins are two of a kind

Cousins Patty and Cathy were inseparable. They had spent months planning a big reunion with Patty’s Poppo, Martin; her brother, Ross; and her old boyfriend, Richard.

“This would have made Mommo so happy!” she couldn’t help gushing.

The big day arrived.

Martin, Ross and Richard arrived promptly at the hotel.

To their dismay, hours passed with no sign of the ladies.

In order to pass the time and to remain patient, they reminisced about their days in Brooklyn Heights.

Eventually Martin’s phone rang. His face turned pallid and he cringed with shock when he heard the news.

Each week Rochelle Wisoff~Fields leads us in Friday Fictioneers, an attempt at writing a hundred~word story based upon a photo prompt. This week’s prompt is from Marie Gail Stratford.



      1. Sadly I don’t know the show, so I followed the wrong path, just like me. When a well liked person died’s they are remembered for a long time. I will look up The Patty Duke Show


  1. A lovely tribute to Patty Duke, Larry. I haven’t seen the news of her death yet. It’ll probably be on CNN tonight. I was somewhat too old to be a fan of her show. I saw it a couple times and it was good. Well done. —- Suzanne


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