elmer’s death

Elmer, a regular at the local soup kitchen, got killed by a car last week. When his friends found out, they wanted to arrange a fitting funeral for him.

The volunteers asked some of their undertaker friends to donate their services.

His obituary was in Newsday.

Because of his having been, for so long, such a distinctive familiar character in the local towns, his wake and funeral were attended by hundreds of people.

In honor of his lopsided sense of humor, his closest friends left a memorial to him outside the kitchen . They knew he would truly have appreciated it.

Each week in Friday Fictioneers, Rochelle Wisoff~Fields leads our attempt to write a hundred~word story based upon a photo prompt. This week’s photo prompt has been provided by Ted Strutz.



  1. This truly is sad but sweet. It’s lovely that he was so well known and obviously liked, and that people weren’t afraid to go with their gut feeling and do what Elmer would have liked.


  2. I don’t think this is sad at all! I love that they celebrated who he was! (Why else would I have put my husband’s ashes in a 64 oz Coke bottle? 🙂 )


  3. Sounds like his friends were celebrating his life and sense of humor rather than his death. Due respect was also paid so it was all included. I bet Elmer will be remembered for a long time to come. 🙂 — Suzanne


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