colorful family

“Uncles George and Albert are our silly kin,” John reminded Cynthia.

While still young they joined the Royal Antidiluvian Order of Buffaloes.

Tonight’s their turn to stand guard, atop the headquarters, before its most prized symbol.

In dead, ominous silence, they keep vigil from dusk until dawn. Aunties Mimi and Louise obediently toll the bells upon each passing hour.

“If you ask me, you’re all quite a loony lot,” his befuddled wife chided him.

“Ah well,” he opined. “At least our specific types of silliness have always kept us out of trouble.”

“Well that helps,” was all she could say.

Weekly, Rochelle Wisoff~Fields leads us in Friday Fictioneers, an attempt at writing a hundred~word story. This week’s photo prompt was supplied by Emmy L. Gant



  1. Funny piece, Larry. As the old saying went (they even made a sitcom title from it), “Different strokes for different folks”. They’re right as it does keep them out of trouble. 😀 — Suzanne


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