the most distinctive fella

“Harvey likes to store all his batteries in the same place, I see?” Muriel asked Gloria.

“Oh, get a load of this!” her friend replied. “For Valentine’s Day this year, Prince Charming thought I’d get a kick out of a change. Those aren’t batteries. They’re pieces of battery-shaped candy.”

“Each has a March expiration date, of course,” the former reminded her.

“That’s my hubby,” Gloria sighed. “He never lets his mind sit still for a second.”

“Oh well, as long as I don’t put a couple of Chunky’s into my cell phone I don’t expect any major trouble.”

A hearty thank you to our Friday Fictioneers fairy blogmother, Rochelle Wisoff~Fields. This week’s photo prompt was provided by Sean Fallon.



  1. Actually, my daughter gave her partner a battery for Valentine’s Day this year. She’d given him a super duper remote control helicopter for Christmas and the battery was a spare for that. He was delighted. Not sure where the romance fits in. Your story’s great – chocolate batteries – ha.


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