the bookworms

“Whenever I see a daffodil,” chanted Francis to his friend Gunther, “I can never forget my girlfriend Muriel, the English major. Wordsworth’s ‘I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud’ was always her favorite.”

“Oh I know that poem,” Gunther mused. “Wordsworth and his sister Dorothy were walking near a lake at Grasmere in Cumbria County. He was inspired by a shore lined with daffodils. It’s a classic of English Romantic poetry.”

“Wow!” Francis reminded him.” I wish we could get away from this dreary city to that relaxing environment.”

“Well,” Gunther nudged him, “Your habit of hanging around with bookworms helps.”

This week’s photo prompt was supplied by the Reclining Gentleman. Rochelle Wisoff~Fields, each week, guides us with Friday Fictioneers.



  1. He’s getting the benefits without the work – hanging round with bookworms is one way to experience the wonders of literature. However I think he’s missing out on the best of it. An interesting idea, and a thought-provoking story.


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