yet another beckett moment

“I’ve always had such a fondness for airports,” Albert told the pretty stewardess he met at the local terminal.

“When I was a boy, I lived within two miles of La Guardia, and my father practically always worked at Kennedy. In 1981 I even flew to Buffalo on the same plane as Cab Calloway.”

She kept him company as he waited for a friend of his, whom he was expecting within a half hour.

Hours went by and his friend never showed up.

“That miserable Godot has done it again!” he complained. “That’s at least the second time I know of”.

This week’s photo prompt is supplied by Melanie Greenwood. Rochelle Wisoff~Fields leads us weekly in Friday Fictioneers, an attempt to write a story of only one hundred words.



    1. Thanks Suzanne .Conveniently I’ve gotten that covered. Beckett , upon having been asked that~it’s quite a believable assumption~claimed that if he had meant God, he would have said he was referring to Him..


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