merry Christmas

“Merry Christmas, Mommy!” shouted out tiny Tim as his mother was preparing to wash the dishes.

“Same to you, honey, though it’s still Advent,” Mrs. Bailey happily replied.

“I really miss the days of white Christmases, don’t you, George?”

“Oh, Mary,” he reminded her, “That’s because you never have to drive or to shovel.”

“Bad weather, presents, Santa, and egg nog, believe it or not, aren’t the most important things about Christmas,” he continued.

“I hope Timmy enjoys all he has now,” she went on. “Once he stops believing in Santa, it’s all socks and underwear from then on.”

This week’s photo prompt was supplied by Rochelle Wisoff~Fields, who weekly takes charge of our Friday Fictioneers, an attempt at writing a hundred~word story based upon a picture.



  1. How boring, all socks and underwear. That’s no fun. I guess that means he’ll have to buy his own video games, etc. That’s enough to force a kid to do jobs around the house for allowance or a teenager to get a part-time job. Well done, Larry. 🙂 — Suzanne


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