moslem terrorism in paris

About the recent Paris terrorist attacks I’ve always known that the world of liberalism, secular materialism, or any other name it may be known by, is so very ugly but a recent cartoon, published by Charlie Hebdo cartoonist Joann Sfar on Friday night, truly highlights exactly how poisonous it really is.

By highlighting the fact that Paris is an environment that is open to enjoyment and beauty, and claiming that somehow religion, (Catholicism most especially, of course) is opposed to all that is worthwhile,they’re determined to begrudge people an opportunity to Pray for this city during its people’s hardest time. Of course anyone who presumes to complain about the moslems or islam will be declared a racist.

Charlie Hebdo is a French satirical weekly paper that is notorious for being secular, far right wing, and anti-religious, especially anti-Catholic. The cartoon condemns the #prayforparis hashtag as if prayer is somehow intrinsically counter to the spirit of all the good things that Paris stands for.

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