the quick and the dead


“I’m so happy St. Gabriel’s has a graveyard adjacent the church,” Eleanor told Robert as they left after Mass.

“That way people can always be reminded of the Four Last Things.”

“When we were in school,” he reminded her, “We learned all those prayers and admonitions: ” ‘Tempus fugit,memento mori’, the ‘Dies Irae’. ‘Remember, man, that thou art dust…'”

“Heaven, Hell and Purgatory are real,” she intoned. “Even ‘Brideshead Revisited’ starts out with ‘Et In Arcadia Ego’.

“I wonder who all those pretty little girls are over there, honey,” she mused.

“What girls?” he asked. “I don’t see anyone. We’re all alone.”

This week’s photo prompt comes from J.Hardy Carroll. Our fearless leader, Rochelle Wisoff~Fields, is in charge of Friday Fictioneers, a weekly attempt at writing a story, based upon a photo prompt, of one hundred words.


9 thoughts on “the quick and the dead

  1. patriciaruthsusan says:

    A bit different from your usual story, Larry. I guess this is where our minds are between Halloween and this picture. A graveyard kind of limits the topics to write about. Eerie, but good and well-written story. O_o — Suzanne


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