remember, remember, the fifth of november!!


“It was on November 5, 1605 that Catholic Supremacists plotted to blow up Parliament and to assassinate James I in order either to restore the Catholic monarchy or at least to have full Catholic toleration,” explained Dickens.

“That’s Guy Fawkes Day,” Fenster replied. ” Recusant Catholics were plum sick of being abused.”

“Yes,” Fenster reminded him, “But Fawkes wasn’t in charge. Robert Catesby planned the attack. Fawkes only planted the charges in Westminster Palace. He was caught and the rebellion is now symbolized by him.”

“Anti-Catholics rejoice like crazy on this day each year. Legend often tends to supplant reality.”

Thank you to Connie Gayer (Mrs. Russell?) for this week’s photo prompt, and to Rochelle Wisoff~Fields for being our fearless leader at Friday Fictioneers, a weekly collection of hundred~word stories.



  1. So funny… I had never heard of the “5th of November” and now I’ve read about it twice in two days! Better brush up on my history…


  2. Seems there was a lot of brutal killing going on in those days in the name of God, and they called themselves civilized. It’s not any better these days in many places. As has been said, “Civilization is a thin veneer.” Thanks for the interesting history, Larry. — Suzanne


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