man smart, woman smarter?


“Is that a snake, honey?” Gladys asked Tyrone.

“They’re such an especially interesting symbol. They always remind me of Adam and Eve.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t give you the satisfaction of admitting it,” her husband mused. “But during the six days of creation, God first created inert matter, then living things, going from inferior to superior. He went from minerals to vegetables to animals. On the sixth day He created man, and only then, woman.

After a bit of a dramatic pause she reminded him, “Then you should be a bit more careful how you presume to treat me from now on.”

Each week Rochelle Wisoff~Fields leads us in our Friday Fictioneers. Each individual writes a hundred word story based on a photo prompt. This week’s prompt is by Dale Rogerson.

9 thoughts on “man smart, woman smarter?

  1. Suzanne Joshi says:

    Really humorous, Larry. Not only was woman created last, she tempted Adam, which meant she was actually smarter or he wouldn’t have fallen for it. He should have known better. Just like today, though, he was the important one in the story. They didn’t get driven out of the garden until Adam ate the apple. The woman is often blamed. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne


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