way down upon the susquehanna


“Hey this is neat! I feel just like the Injuns in those John Ford movies!” giggled Gondo.

Jane, though, wasn’t all that ecstatic as they prepared for their trip down the Susquehanna by canoe.

“Be careful,” she reminded him. “This river has a nasty undertow you can’t notice from the surface.”

She then showed him, on her cell phone, all the statistics involving people who got too brave.

He agreed to go no more than ten miles each way, and to sign up for a guided tour the next day.

She gave him his fishing license back.

Moocho thank you to Jennifer Pendergast for this week’s photo prompt, and for Rochelle Wisoff~Fields for being our weekly Friday Fictioneers fearless leader.

15 thoughts on “way down upon the susquehanna

  1. Nan Falkner says:

    Dear Larry, Your story is more than interesting – it is a warning that probably went unheeded as most men don’t (not my husband of course!) take kindly to feminine directions and mostly – common sense! I hope he makes it – but I’m betting on the “no show” tomorrow. Cute story, Nan.

    Liked by 1 person

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