in the year 2525, if man is still alive, if woman can survive


“We call it the Great Society, Anderson,” boasted Nelson.

“Anyone deemed to be self-righteous, intolerant, a hypocrite-a Christian who doesn’t know his place-is forever sealed into one of these chambers.”

“We con the blacks into thinking everyone’s a racist, the Jews into suspecting everyone of anti-Semitism. We nudge women into murdering their children and calling it freedom of choice.”

“You see, citizen,” he went on. “The old nationalists and nativists mistakenly killed the rodents. We let them kill themselves and each other for us. Keep them paranoid. Everything’s always someone else’s fault.”

“Welcome to the tolerant state.”

Thanks,Claire Fuller (copyright), for the picture. Rochelle Wissoff.Fields puts us up to this each week



    1. The world it refers to is specifically the Tolerant state. It’s one of my inevitable comments on the nasty shape our culture is currently in , demanding adherence to the false virtue of tolerance/political correctness.


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