through the past darkly


I walked into the Lindenhurst Mc Donald’s last

evening, when I noticed Mc Garrity, a neighbor and Viet Nam veteran. He came

over and said hello.

He reminisced a lot.

“Ed,” he said. “The world went to Hell when J.F.K. died.”

“This week in ’69 were the Manson killings, when Satan was defiant,

and Woodstock, when he was subtle. My friends and I were in Southeast Asia

and Fort Hood then.”

“People stood on this very spot back then and got an entire meal for a

dollar. Perfect music and fashion were everywhere. Was it really worth it




    1. Change is only a means though, entirely neutral. All change isn’t necessarily beneficial. I specifically chose this kind of post because it’s the anniversary of several significant things in 1969


    1. This week’s.ish the anniversary of Chappaquidick, Lt. Wm Calley, Woodstock & Manson So I plum couldn’t resist. I’ve read a lot of Catholic theology & philosophy & it covers that era. That’s h9w I got the idea that Woodstock hid what Manson defiantly threw into people’s faces.

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