you keep same ing when you ought to be changing


Reginald and Rachel were making their annual Thanksgiving pilgrimage to Wyoming, Pennsylvania, to see Queen Esther’s Rock.

As always they went from Route 80 onto Route 115 and stopped at their favorite coffee shop in Bear Creek Township.

This year, though, things were different.

It was under new management.

“How dare they?!” he shrieked aloud.

“Mark my words, Governor Wolf will regret this!”

“Honey, he can’t control this.”

He made such a scene the employees asked them to leave.

“I just hope they don’t find out about this in Wyoming,” Rachel shrieked.



  1. Sounds like he might suffer from a bi-polar condition. That kind of behavior, unless from the elderly, is not really normal in a younger or middle-aged person. I’ve experienced it and it’s very embarrassing. He needs help. Good story, Larry. Well done. 🙂 — Suzanne


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