carmelite dialogues


It’s July 17, 1794 in Compiegne. Sister Teresa and her fifteen Discalced Carmelite companions are on their way to the guillotine.

“Come, Sisters,” demands Teresa. “Out of fidelity to Catholic orthodoxy, to Jesus and Mary, and to constituted authority, we go to our deaths.”

Calmly they intone the Miserere, Salve Regina, and Te Deum.

Each is decapitated, after which her body is merely thrown into a common grave.

“Well, Citizen,” an onlooker is overheard to explain joyously, “We can’t have their God and Robespierre’s and David’s goddess of reason, you understand.”

“La Marseillaise” plays in the background.

7 thoughts on “carmelite dialogues

  1. storydivamg says:

    Interesting that this photo would lead two of us to write about these 16 Carmelite martyrs. Did you also make this decision because of their feast day falling on Friday?



  2. Suzanne Joshi says:

    Lovely story of great faith and bravery. A person is only hurting themselves if they try and cut ties with God. I wonder how that man died. There was a great deal of evil and hate connected to that revolution. You must have been familiar with this event being a lay Carmelite yourself. Well done, Larry. 🙂 — Suzanne

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