a novel proposal


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<!– end InLinkz script –> Charlie Kramden was head over heels for his sweetheart, Cindy Norton.

One day he finally decided to ask for her hand officially.

Always an offbeat soul, he’d planned for over a year in advance to devise absolutely the ultimate avant-garde tribute to the girl of his dreams.

Knowing all about her beau’s eccentricities, Cindy was ready for practically anything.

He drove her to their favorite rural picnic hideaway.

When they arrived her jaw dropped.

“Do you like it, my love?” he asked. “I call it ‘Carhenge’.

“O honey it’s fabulous!” she stammered.

“A mere ring would have been so ordinary!”



  1. They’re obviously meant for each other. Carhenge is much more dramatic than a ring. But three cars stuck in the mud, nose first, could be an unfortunate image if one takes it as a symbol of their future prospects. I like your take – and the title is clever. Good fun.


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