it’s a sick world after all

This May 22 Ireland, a once sane, decent country, allowed homosexuals to marry, thereby welcoming back all the snakes that were long ago eradicated by St. Patrick.  Early today the United States’ Roberts Supreme Court, to their irreversible shame and disgrace, made the same inexcusable decision. For one thing it’s intrinsically impossible, by definition, for people of the same sex to marry. Besides that they’ve entirely outlawed, in practice, the First Amendment to the Constitution. By using the camouflage of civil rights and equality, the pro-homosexuality will now be able to treat freedom of religion in general, and Christianity specifically, as if they are somehow violation of their very dignity as human beings. We’re now on the verge of following in the totalitarian footsteps of Robespierre’s Revolutionary France, Bismarck’s Kulturkampf, and Hitler’s Nazis. This is nothing to be taken the least bit lightly.


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